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Our community


River City Diner is "Today's Diner." In other words, we take everything that America loves about diners and incorporate it into a restaurant for today's family. One of the things that made these restaurants so special back in the day was their relationship with the community. A diner was a place where the community gathered together, where you knew your server by name, where the local football team felt supported... We strive to be the kind of restaurant that supports its community. 




Need to raise money for your organization, club, or special cause? RCD has a simplified system to raise funds and the FUN!


How do I start? Fundraising doesn't have to be overwhelming because RCD will do nearly everything for you. Our system works like a charm. Your group will collect 15% of the proceeds your organization generates. Whatever the cause, we're here to help. 


Here's what to do:

  • Give us a call

  • When would you like to have your event?

  • We create a flyer for you

  • You distribute flyers and invite everyone to the fun

  • We provide great times and collect receipts at the event

  • A check for your hard work will be issued within one week

Gift Card


We love to support our community by providing gift cards for certain events. Please fill out the form below to request donated gift cards. Please remember your request must first be approved in order to receive the gift cards. 


Please include the following information in the Message:

  • Event

  • What will the gift cards be used for?

  • Number of gift cards requested

  • Have we supported you in the past?

  • Any other relevant information

Thanks for submitting!

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