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River City Diner's STORY


    It all began with a little American ingenuity and innovation. In the late 1800s, a young entrepreneur, Walter Scott, began serving sandwiches and simple meals from his horse-pulled wagon to blue collar late-shift workers. Competition arose and before you knew it, these restaurant carts were popping up all over the US. Wagons were replaced with prefabricated structures inspired by train dining cars. Some of these structures were even made from old dining cars, and that’s why we have the word “diner” today.


Since then, diners have stood faithfully throughout American history to provide a great meal and excellent service. They have witnessed the emergence of Rock and Roll, two World Wars, the Space-Age and many more iconic moments of US history, and they have continued to evolve.


The diner became a place where people gathered together, a place where you knew your server by name, and a home away from home. River City Diner is the culmination of this spirit. We strive to take the best of our history and incorporate it into Today’s Diner. We hope you enjoy a great meal and excellent service with us!

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